is not a business. It's a private professional portfolio showcasing a career in publishing, advertising and digital media. []

This is a large website and not all pages are accessible through direct links; you need an invite to see content of special interest. Still, you can get a pretty good idea of what my work is about when you browse it.

Since 1990, when I joined the wonderful worlds of publishing and advertising, I have been working for, or with businesses of all sizes and from many industries and disciplines in United States, Canada and beyond: publishing houses, advertising agencies, colleges and universities, cosmetics, biotech and pharmaceutical research labs, beauty and fashion houses, dental and medical practices, financial and investment institutions, real estate brokerages, computers, software and information technology startups, manufacturers, and import/export services, to name a few. is not a business. Although structured to resemble a publishing and digital ad service (which are my professional loves and specialties), the content of its pages (including references to its associated digital properties) is to be understood as a technical, visual and business presentation in which some pages reference to past or present projects, while others hint to projects I may consider working on at some point in the future.

The directory section on this domain name is a clone of an actual business which I fully financed, built and owned for eleven years in Canada, before moving to New York City in 2010. Still, on this website, the directory is just another portfolio section and, while fully functional, I do not publish it with the intention to operate as a business entity (not just yet, anyway). The advertisements seen throghout the website are displayed only to illustrate ad groups, a selection of page grids for content placement, and the 'mechanics' of affiliate programs - some of which, again, I used in the past as part of actual digital ad projects.