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Copyrights on Directory Submissions

Please be advised that all submissions to our directory are processed by a human editor who can, at his/her own discretion reject your entry. The editor may, or may not, conduct searches over the internet using words and/or phrases contained in your listing's description. While this is not our only resource for this purpose, this is one way in which we make a substantial effort in order to combat copyrights infringements.

If you are not sure that you own the rights to the information that you submit to be included in your company listing submitted to this directory, PLEASE DO NOT MAKE A SUBMISSION! While we do not have any way to tell whether submitted information is copyrighted by others, if and when discovered, your listing will be removed from the directory, any other advertising services that we may be provided to you at that time will be terminated and a payment will NOT be refunded on grounds of (us) already having performed these services to you up to that point.

The descriptions making up the listings found on the pages of our directory ARE NOT COPYRIGHTED by PADRONIUS. You, the advertiser, (should) own the content that you use in order to promote your business. These listings are not meant to interfere in any way with any other advertising contracts that you may have. All and each piece of information, in part, or in whole, specifically, and including the exact wording of each company's listing/s (should) belong to the companies that they represent. These companies are fully responsible or liable for the information that they submit to us, and Padronius WILL NOT ACCEPT any liability UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

Copyrights on Projects Under Development

When you engage in a project, among other obligations, you are subject to three types of payments: a retainer, one or more work-in-progress payments and a final payment. The terms of these payments are specified in the contract, before you and us commit to the project. Due to the fact that during the project development we use a 'transparent' work environment in which you can constantly evaluate (and even used) completed modules of the project, you (the client) have full access to the work we perform. Still, this is done while Padronius retains ALL copyrights on this work. Should you default on, or delay any payments as scheduled, your use of any work we did up to that time will be qualified as a copyright infringement.

Copyrights on Mockups

The world of intellectual property is largely a creative and competitive environment that, more-than-often, operates on bidding processes. In order to keep a balance between fair market prices and the quality of work as well as to earn their clients' support, design establishments use common procedures such as submissions of mockups.

Please be advised that a mockup submission IS NOT to be interpreted as a FREE DESIGN CONSULTATION. If you requested (and later received) a proposal in the form of a design mockup from PADRONIUS, you should be aware that by rejecting that mockup, and then incorporate elements from that proposed design in "your own concept", you are infringing upon our copyrights and we will then take legal action.

Copyrights on Conceptual Work (design, computer code)

All under-development conceptual work and/or fully developed, imagery or other content remains the property of PADRONIUS with no rights of use, whatsoever by the respective client until full payment is received. In cases where no full payment has been received by the client, PADRONIUS retains the right to rework the concepts for inclusion in other projects and/or offers to other clients.

Copyrights on Canceled Projects

In case where the client has canceled/rejected a project under development and decided to use the not-paid-for conceptual work, the case will be treated as a copyright or/and intellectual infringement.

Clients understand that, in all cases, PADRONIUS retains the right to display the finished, or partially-finished works and work elements which may be part of any project, as promotional work samples and inclusion in its portfolio and business proposals regardless of the project/s payment status.

Copyrights on Default Payments

In cases where payments are not honored for completed, delivered projects, PADRONIUS will qualify the fact as an infringement on copyright and/or intellectual property rights until either full payment is received, or a written and signed promissory note from the client specifying that the received work(s) will not be used under any circumstances.

Copyrights on Client-Submitted Materials

While engaged in a development contract, the client represents, and unconditionally guarantees, to PADRONIUS that any elements of text (including business names), graphics, photos, designs, trademarks, or other content that s/he may be providing to PADRONIUS for inclusion in the designs are owned by the client, or that the client has permission from the rightful owner to use each of these elements, and will hold harmless, protect, and defend PADRONIUS from any claim or suit arising from the use of such elements furnished by the client.

Copyrights on Screen Captures and Corporate lmages

When you make a submission to the directory, you have the option to add a screen capture of one of your web pages to your listing. However, before you send us a screen capture, or your company's logo, check with the corporate communications authority of your company and make sure that they agree with it. "By attaching such graphics to your submission, you grant us permission to publish them in this directory and cannot consider the fact a copyright infringement."

The above underlined statement is attached to your submission, interpreted as your understanding of the rules and regulations of this service and file our records as an agreement from your part to follow these rules. Without your consent to this effect, the submission will not go through.

Copyrights on Images, Computer Code and Textual Content

All rights to photos, graphics, source code, work-up and original digital files, and computer programs used to create any visual or contextual presentations are, specifically, not transferred to the client and remain at all times the property of PADRONIUS and other respective owners.

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Please remember that, when you are visiting and making use of the information that you find here - you are, well, a visitor - and you agree to be bound by the rules of this domain which are spelled out throughout this page. Thank you.


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